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Conor O'Grady - Coaching


Conor strives to help golfers of all ages and abilities, play their best for as long as possible, and most importantly enjoy playing golf. 

Body movement is a large component in Conor's coaching philosophy. Conor has dealt with many injuries personally that have been caused by poor body movement, so he aims to help golfers avoid injuries so they can enjoy their golf for as long as possible. 

Conor also teams with Mike Joyce at Body Swing Solution, to help golfers with strength and mobility, through personal training/golf fitness. As a team they will create plans for individuals to help their golf and fitness.  


  • 6 FOR 5 - This plan can be used for any lesson length. The 6 for 5 plan is for golfers who are keen to improve their game and for those who would like lessons on a regular basis.

  • Player Profiling - This is the most in depth lesson plan offered by Conor. Player Profiling, includes a profiling session  (breakdown of your entire game), lessons on the practice area, & a lesson on the course to asses your game. This package is aimed at players who are looking to analyse each area of their game and see what they can do to improve. 


  • Custom Plans - Create your own lesson plan by mixing and matching lessons. Designed by you, for you.​​​

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